Mission Statement

Our Mission
We are a non-partisan, citizen-based network mobilized to promote the revitalization of our community by learning and building upon the best practices of other successful community models. We hope to inspire fellow residents, local businesses and our elected officials by partnering with them to creatively seek new solutions through Arts-Based Community Development and Creative Placemaking.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Focus on Tieton Mosaic

The Tieton Mosaic Project engages regional artists and artisans, local community members, K-12 students, business owners, and civic leaders in cycle of planning, education/apprenticeship, and hands-on art-making to accomplish twin goals: reinforce the character of Tieton with the bold design aesthetics of the vintage fruit labels, and establish a new self-sustaining artisan business. Tieton does not have a strong historical architectural tradition. Buildings are workmanlike cinderblock-style from the 1940-60s. However, the town itself has a clearly defined core, with a beautiful park surrounded by four blocks of storefronts. A modest amount of graphically distinct signage executed in traditional craft materials gives Tieton a distinctive identity. Based in Tieton, these businesses train and employ members of the community, marketing their products nationally within the incubator of Mighty Tieton. 

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