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Our Mission
We are a non-partisan, citizen-based network mobilized to promote the revitalization of our community by learning and building upon the best practices of other successful community models. We hope to inspire fellow residents, local businesses and our elected officials by partnering with them to creatively seek new solutions through Arts-Based Community Development and Creative Placemaking. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. We know that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas in seeking these solutions in an increasingly diverse world.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Historic Photo Exhibit at Mark Anthony's Hair Cuts

J. Kenneth Leap: "In 1946 my grandparents opened their new food store on the corner of 2nd Ave and the Black Horse Pike in Runnemede. Today the building is occupied by the Polish American Deli and Mark Anthony’s Hair Cuts. Mark has allowed me to mount an exhibition of photos associated with the store’s grand opening. Stop in and visit! If your family’s from Runnemede check out the copy of the original customer list and look for your family name. Make sure you read the captions to find out who ate my Dad's pet chicken"

Barber Mark Santillo and Kenneth Leap

Mark Anthony's Hair Cuts and The Polish American Deli at 123 North Black Horse Pike

Leap's Food Store customer list from 1946

Friday, March 8, 2019

Behind the Scenes: Meet J. Kenneth Leap

Reimagine Runnemede meets on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at Leap's The Painted Window Stained Glass Studio at 109N Black Horse Pike in Runnemede

Why " Leap's"
J. Kenneth Leap
Heres a link to my CV

I'm on the Runnemede Planning Board

These were my parents Bill & Clare

My Dad loved canoeing in the NJ Pinelands

He wrote the History of Runnemede

He had his sign business in Runnemede for 26 years beginning on 6 West Second Avenue and then at 45 Lindsay Avenue

He attended Audubon Highschool and played football

When I was born he lettered "It's a Boy!" on his truck
He worked for my Grandfather at the family store on the corner of 2nd Ave and the Black Horse Pike in Runnemede

Both he and my grandfather kept horses at Sleeters, in Blackwood
Here is my Dad and my Grandfather, Jack

Another picture of my Dad and my Grandfather

My Dad served in the Korean War

He was stationed at Fort Dix in NJ

Here is some family history my Dad wrote about himself

These were my Grandparents, Jack and Ella Leap
This was their first grocery store at 121 North Black Horse Pike in Runnemede it opened in 1938
This was my Grandparents new grocery store on the corner of 2nd Avenue and the Black Horse Pike

When it opened in 1946 it was heralded as "The Most Modern Grocery Store in NJ" 

It was said to be the first store in the nation to use continuous fluorescent lighting placed end to end

My Grandfather was a prominent public figure in Runnemede

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Reimagine Runnemede Website

Reimagine Runnemede has launched a new website. Find us online at http://www.reimaginerunnemede.org/

Save the Date Sunday March 31

Join Reimagine Runnemede for a field trip excursion to Cherry Street Pier for the Art Star Pop up Market. Cherry Street Pier is a year-round, mixed-use public space on the central Delaware River waterfront. Built into the shell of a century-old municipal pier, it is a reflection of Philadelphia today—creative, diverse, historic, adaptable, and inspired.

Monday, March 4, 2019

First sign of change toward a Better Mile

Reimagine Runnemede imagined a more welcoming message for the Black Horse Pike sign in front of the Library greeting our 20,000 daily commuters. Oh, the places you'll go. A Better Mile is coming.

"It's not about what it is. It's about what it can become!" - Dr. Seuss