Mission Statement

Our Mission
We are a non-partisan, citizen-based network mobilized to promote the revitalization of our community by learning and building upon the best practices of other successful community models. We hope to inspire fellow residents, local businesses and our elected officials by partnering with them to creatively seek new solutions through Arts-Based Community Development and Creative Placemaking. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. We know that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas in seeking these solutions in an increasingly diverse world.

Heart & Soul

Heart& Soul Links from Workbook

Page 10
1. Community Heart & Soul with Lyman Orton

2. Discover Community Heart & Soul

3. Tapping Local Wisdom for Positive Change

4. Success Stories: Cortez, Colorado

5. Success Stories: Gardiner, Maine

Page 23
1. Community Network Analysis Videos:

2. Building Trust to Reach Missing Voices
Page 26
1. Crafting a Heart & Soul Elevator Speech:

Page 28
1. City Manager: Heart & Soul Boosts Participation and

2. Guided by Heart & Soul in Golden, Colorado:

3. Heart & Soul Engagement Boots Participation and Improves

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